Connecting Entrepreneurs & Investors

Go-to platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors actively
involved in the startup space in both India-Africa

Harnessing capabilities

Mobilising the creative capacity of entrepreneurs
of Africa & India

Sharing Opportunities

Sharing bilateral knowledge, funding and market opportunity to early stage

Mauritius as the Hub

Developing Mauritius as the common Start-Up hub
between India & Africa

2nd India - Africa Entrepreneurship & Investment Summit

Indian Startup Ecosystem

India has the 2nd largest startup ecosystem in the world; expected to witness YoY growth of 10-12%. 7 million college graduates are produced per year; 55% of the youth prefer working in startups over corporates (as per youth of the national survey of 150K young Indians). India is the second largest consumer internet market in the world (overtaking China) with 462 mn internet users, 80% of these users are mobile based.

Bridge Between India-Africa

IAEF aspires to become the go-to platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors actively involved in the startup space in both India-Africa. These dynamic ecosystems and subsystems have much in common, and much to gain from interacting.

African Startup Ecosystem

African startup ecosystem had a remarkable turnaround over the last few years. The sector attracted the attention of tech-personalities such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who focused their attention on encouraging the African startup ecosystem. Such moves opened up inroads for greater access to scalability and investments. Africa is now the home of many upcoming startups with various opportunities, and it is rapidly evolving to be amongst the vibrant tech homes.


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